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Welcome in the Adapertus consulting firm website


Today, to stay in business and grow up its market shares, each enterprise, whatever is its status: private or public, small, medium, or important, has to reach operational excellence.

Making converge its information system and its business is one of the main lever.
Getting and carrying out mechanisms of a good information system governance is another one.
Driving and accompanying collaborators to the changes gets you the best success chances.

Business Units, appropriate yourselves your processes !
CIO and IT Units, adopt a "Services Centre" demarche!

Adapertus and services

Adapertus, consulting firm for organisation and information systems, has been created to help you for it.
We get you our rigueur, our experience, our availability, our humility, our knowledge about information systems and processes optimisation... Read more.

For us, each enterprise, company, public entity, is unique. That is why we do not go with our suitcase filled of already-written standard schemes. We hear you, we observe, we adapt ourselves to your specificities to reach together the fixed objectives and offer you the optimal result.
Our approach does not change each time a new fashion appears. We use our own methodological framework UAMC3...
Read more.

" Hearing from you, anchored in the reality, we help you to optimise your enterprise processes and to align your IT system..."

Have a nice visit and see you soon...

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